You can breed two creatures together to create an egg. The new creature that hatches from the egg will have a higher Heredity than its parents, which increases the maximum level it can reach.

Below is a link to a view only Google sheet with results of all current breeding combinations.

(Credit to gay monster dad for the amazing spreadsheet)

Breeding Formulas

(Data pulled from creature pages. Very incomplete.)

Name Family Breeding
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Ashborn Efreet
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Fallen Carnage
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Glutinous Slime
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Granite Golem
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Necropolis
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Nix Creeper
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Plague Alchemist
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Thrasher Fiend
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseDiabolic Observer + Pit Wraith Lord
Aaxer ApocalypseApocalypseFlailing Manticore + Plague Alchemist
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAaxer Apocalypse + Acedia Sin
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAaxer Apocalypse + Aen Rift Dancer
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAaxer Apocalypse + Chillbreeze Yeti
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Aaxer Apocalypse
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Blood Crusader
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Diobolic Observer
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Dragon Soldier
Agor ApocalypseApocalypseAny Apocalypse + Dread Wight
Asura GutslasherAsuraAny Asura + Pulse Bat
Asura GutslasherAsuraAny Asura + Red Storm
Asura GutslasherAsuraNix Creepter + Crystal Smith
Asura GutslasherAsuraWaspid Guardian + Glade Watcher
Crypt BatBatAny Bat + Arcane Familliar
Crypt BatBatAny Bat + Willow Spirit
Crypt BatBatMite Interloper + Ahnkol Tremor
Ashmouth CerberusCerberusAny Cerberus + Aaxer Apocalypse
Ashmouth CerberusCerberusAny Cerberus + Brim Smith
Ashmouth CerberusCerberusAny Cerberus + Noxious Smog
Ashmouth CerberusCerberusCoast Watcher + Mite Gravedigger
Cinder DevilDevilAny Devil + Plague Alchemist
Cinder DevilDevilTwisted Devil + Bard Balladeer
Cinder DevilDevilTwisted Devil + Brim Smith
Cinder DevilDevilTwisted Devil + Centaur Duelist
AlcazarDoom FortressAny Doom Fortress + Pit Wraith Lord
AlcazarDoom FortressAny Doom Fortress + Siren Coercer
AlcazarDoom FortressAny Doom Fortress + Thrasher Fiend
AlcazarDoom FortressBurhua Queen + Inaer Rift Dancer
AlcazarDoom FortressNecropolis + Any Doom Fortress
AlcazarDoom FortressNecropolis + Coast Watcher
AlcazarDoom FortressNecropolis + Planetary Amaranth
AlcazarDoom FortressNecropolis + Red Storm
Abaddon GuardDoomguardInfernal Guard + Any Doomguard
Abaddon GuardDoomguardInfernal Guard + Dark Brim Smith
Abaddon GuardDoomguardPit Guard + Bloodfang Gargoyle
Abaddon GuardDoomguardPit Guard + Demented Carver
Abaddon GuardDoomguardPit Guard + Griffon Divebomber
Abaddon GuardDoomguardRedstone Imler + Dryad Recaller
Annihilator FiendFiendManticore Conquerer + Diobolic Spectator
Annihilator FiendFiendMauler Fiend + Diamond Paragon
Annihilator FiendFiendMauler Fiend + Flametongue Efreet
Annihilator FiendFiendMauler Fiend + Rotten Carnage
Annihilator FiendFiendMauler Fiend + Vampire Bat
Annihilator FiendFiendMauler Fiend + Vital Clutcher
Berserker FiendFiendLight Hunter + Asura Gutslasher
Berserker FiendFiendThrasher Fiend + Canopy Arachnalisk
Clairvoyant SpiritSpiritExalted Spirit + Dryad Proliferator
Clairvoyant SpiritSpiritExalted Spirit + Exalted Spirit
Exalted SpiritSpiritHoar Shade + Spirit Vulpes
Exalted SpiritSpiritSuccubus Spirit + Carnage Antagonizer
Exalted SpiritSpiritSuccubus Spirit + Destruction Banshee
Exalted SpiritSpiritSuccubus Spirit + Omnipotent Deity
Frozen SpiritSpiritAny Spirit + Nightwing Gargoyle
Frozen SpiritSpiritMercurial Slime + Valkyrie Scout
Frozen SpiritSpiritWillow Spirit + Coast Watcher
Frozen SpiritSpiritWillow Spirit + Daunting Gargantuan
Frozen SpiritSpiritWillow Spirit + Ethereal Basilisk
Frozen SpiritSpiritWillow Spirit + Phase Knight
Frozen SpiritSpiritWillow Spirit + Willow Spirit
Succubus SpiritSpiritAny Spirit + Fire Priest
Succubus SpiritSpiritCrazed Leper + Djinn Pyromancer
Succubus SpiritSpiritFrozen Spirit + Autumn Aspect
Succubus SpiritSpiritFrozen Spirit + Frozen Spirit
Succubus SpiritSpiritFrozen Spirit + Gorgon Sorceress
Succubus SpiritSpiritManticore Conqueror + Harpy Pillager
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