Titles are additions to your character name that get granted by various in-game activities. NPCs will address you using your title. You can only have one title active at a time.

Talk to Desiderata, the person along the north wall in the library behind the desk. Her third option is to change your title. This will bring up a list of all of the titles you have earned and you can choose a new title from the list.

Title Criteria
Demolisher Destroy x items in realms
Queen/King Default
Runemaster Collect 40 different runes
the Achiever
the Bloody
the Breeder Breed x creatures
The Brawler
the Chaotic
the Cleric
the Dusty
the Druid Nature mage level x title
the Drunk
the Enchanted
the Explorer
the Extractor Extract x cores
the Fiery
the Flamboyant Have x costumes
the Gambler Play x games with the gambling dwarves
the Heartless Kill a treasure golem
the High Roller Have a total of 1,000,000 resources combined
the Holy
the Hopeful
the Itherian
the Liberator
the Loser
the Merciful Spare a treasure golem
the Mystic
the Necromancer
the Plague
the Resourceful
the Rich
the Shaman Nature mage level x title
the Show-off
the Sick
the Sorcerer Sorcery mage level x title
the Talisman-ted
the Tamer Have x creatures in your bestiary
the Transmuter
the Wise Obtain S rank knowledge of 50 creatures
the Wizard Sorcery mage level x title
Aeolian's Guided Aeolian Deified (6)
Azural's Guardian Azural Deified (6)
Flame of Vulcanar Vulcanar Deified (6)
Gonfurian's Warrior Gonfurian Deified (6)
Light of Surathli Surathli Deified (6)
Lister's Trophy Lister Deified (6)
Meraxis' Consort Meraxis Deified (6)
Regalis' Playmate Regalis Deified (6)
Shadow of Erebyss Erebyss Deified (6)
Soul of Friden Friden Deified (6)
Star of Vertraag Vertraag Deified (6)
Tartarith's Meat Tartarith Deified (6)
Torun's Beeyotch Torun Deified (6)
Yseros' Illusion Yseros Deified (6)
Zonte's Prodigy Zonte Deified (6)
Lord of the Arena Win x Arena battles
Itherian Lord
Monster Master
Pandemonium Use x Pandemonium Tokens
Slayer Kill x creatures
Summoner Summon 300 creatures
Treasure Hunter Open x treasure chests
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